surfboard-sed.pngOur Story

Wave on Wave is an apparel company that started in the summer of 2016. Like most good stories, it happened at the beach.  Well, in a boat actually.  Kelley and Matt West were boating down the coast dreaming once again of how to turn their love for the water into a business.  They both come from corporate business settings and use every vacation day to get on the water somewhere, some way. They realized the majority of people were just like them: working 9-5 to one day retire and live their dream.  Matt and Kelley decided their dreams are for living now!!

Wave on Wave represents water.  Water is continuous, always with an open invitation.  Wave on Wave ultimately is a reminder that life is for living now.  No excuses. 

Kelley and Matt are 39 and 40 with 2 girls, Mattison (9) and Rayley (6).  Their lives are busy.  Like you, they are still working, chasing kids, doing homework, and trying to make ends meet.  However they have made the decision to prioritize travel, fun, water sports and life experiences.

So do what you love – surfing, paddleboarding, fishing, boating, kayaking, etc.  Find a way. Follow your passion. Take risks, be adventurous! Leave the shore.